The platform

The Regalgrid® platform gives you access to smart management of your energy resources. The platform dialogues with all types of devices through the SNOCU, to give you an overview of your energy profile and the correct management of your consumption.



The real-time monitoring of your consumption, your photovoltaic system or your storage system allows you to view your energy profile and better understand the behavior of your assets.

Control active

The platform allows you to actively remotely interact by sending manual or programmed commands that optimize the performance of production and storage plants by reducing energy waste.

Don’t forget that the Regalgrid® platform enables you to enter an energy community, making you an active part in a virtuous network of clean energy production, consumption and exchange!

How to access the platform?


Register on the site

Create your account on Regalgrid®. All it takes is an e-mail address and a password: just a few steps and you can already take a look at all the features available.

Enter your details

To use the platform, enter all the data about your energy: the serial number of your SNOCU, the size of your photovoltaic system, the capacity of the storage system.

Access the Energy Community

Find the energy communities closest to you: choose which one you want to join and take part in the energy revolution!

Dedicated app

With Regalgrid® energy is one tap away on your smartphone/tablet. You can monitor and control your plants thanks to the dedicated app, wherever you are.