Smart Grid Support Engineer


We offer an exciting job opportunity for a Smart Grid engineer to be integrated into our Service & Support team, as a Field Support Engineer, for a company operating in the Smart Grid sector, both in Italy and abroad.

In collaboration with the R&D department and the rest of the Support Team, the resource will have to deal with:

  • Follow the field installations;
  • Manage customer support requests;
  • Manage internal development requests from the Sales Team;
  • Develop and optimize internal procedures for product improvement, testing and debugging;
  • Train installers and create a network of service partners;
  • Training and aligning support in non-European offices;
  • Follow the regulatory development of the various brands, in application to the marketed product;

If you have a propensity for Customer Care and a passion for renewable energy, technology and the electricity market, especially within the intelligent smart grid ecosystem, this is your role.


This role includes the active commitment to the expansion and consolidation of the structure of the entire company service, the scheduling of service activities and ticket management internally and externally to the company, as well as debugging the architecture. In addition, the figure will have to take care of training the technicians and giving support in the affiliated offices, even abroad. In particular, the ability to:

  • Work closely with the development and marketing team to define new platform objectives related to specific market opportunities;
  • Prepare system requirements, functional specifications, test specifications, and other documentation for various projects
  • Debug the data interfaces between the platform and the various external devices, for example: inverters, energy storage devices, smart meters, electric vehicle charging stations;
  • Integrate the control instrumentation with measuring devices, test benches and ad hoc wiring for specific projects;
  • Configure, test and commission the platform in production and pre-production environments;
  • Provide technical support for both Italian and international customers;

Basic requirements

Given the position in the field, directly in contact with customers, the ideal candidate must have excellent communication skills, good previous experience with the same job and be skilled in external relations. Must have electrical skills, developed in structured companies, with knowledge of the photovoltaic, storage and Smart Grid environment. Must have networking skills and a strong aptitude for troubleshooting. Candidate must be able to understand the software engineering lifecycle and documentation process for design, development and support, as well as demonstrate the ability to understand IT security practices and cyber security risks on IOT. An excellent level of English is required as the company works all over the world. An electrical / electronic degree is preferable. The candidate must be available for travel.

The company

Regalgrid® technology is based on the use of patented and proprietary software capable of allowing multiple users to share in real time the energy produced or stored from renewable sources.
Through this peer-to-peer platform, users can go far beyond the traditional concept of photovoltaic panel and accumulator, now having full control of the energy they produce. The owners of photovoltaic systems can share the energy produced with other producers / users in full autonomy.
The Regalgrid® platform uses the SNOCU (Smart NOde Control Unit) as an innovative gateway capable of connecting photovoltaic systems with a cloud application. The platform receives and analyzes the flow of energy produced and the amount of charge of the accumulators distributed in the network, transforming the local photovoltaic systems into “active nodes” of an “Energy Smart Community“.

Spontaneous candidacy

: Smart Grid Support Engineer

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