Shared renewable energy is no longer a utopia.

Take part in the energy revolution: your home can be connected to an energy community, where clean energy is produced, stored and distributed among a network of people, giving you greater autonomy and saving on your bill

why choose us

Clean energy

To do your part in reducing the impact of energy consumption on the environment.

Sharing platform

To share the energy produced and stored in a network of people like you.


To keep fixed costs and energy costs down in your bill.

Integrated management

To monitor and control your production, storage and consumption assets.

Energy balancing

To optimize the ratio of energy produced and consumed, eliminating waste.


To choose from whom to buy and to whom to sell energy, at the most advantageous conditions.

Energy communities, in a nutshell.

What are they?

An innovative model for generating, exchanging and consuming energy through smart grids of producers and consumers

How do they work?

Thanks to the digitization of energy and technologies capable of having assets of production, storage and consumption of different users interact with each other.

Who can be part of it?

Anyone, and it’s an advantage for everybody. Whether you are a private citizen, a company or a PA, you can join a community and improve your energy performance

If you want to get an idea of all the advantages of joining an energy community, register for free on our platform and discover all the dedicated features.