A balanced, waste-free public lighting system

Public lighting with PV panels and storage

1 SNOCU consumer/monitor
1 SNOCU storage/multi


Efficient and integrated public lighting management


Monitor and improve the performance of storage systems, balancing power and increasing the life of individual batteries

With energy communities

  1. Reduction of fixed costs and energy cost on the bill
  2. Don’t exchange the excess energy with the utility, but put it in the smart grid of the community at more advantageous conditions
  3. Connect to other people’s renewable energy production and storage systems, and draw on them when needed
  4. The system will be able to connect to others, whether private individuals or businesses, for further optimization of the relationship between production, accumulation and consumption

“The Regalgrid® solution has enabled us to optimise our investment in storage systems, and above all to make our batteries more durable”