Who we are

We are an Italian company that believes in the possibility of sharing more sustainable, free and accessible energy.

What we do.

We have studied, experimented and discovered how to revolutionize the world of energy and bring a clean, constant and inexhaustible source to everyone. The challenge was to create a system capable of that make solar energy production and storage systems, national electricity grid and consumption assets of different users interact with each other. The Regalgrid® platform is the synthesis of all this, and gives concrete value to every type of consumer.

We create energy communities.

To change the way we produce, buy and consume energy. Together.

We help you manage your consumption.

With technology that can make you actively and consciously involved in managing your energy spending.

We develop new technologies

Because the future doesn’t stop, and we are committed to keeping up with the opportunities offered by it.

Our story.

We have believed in the future of energy, for 20 years. We have grown and evolved together with solar energy technologies, and we are ready to see what will happen tomorrow.

If you are curious about all the opportunities offered by the platform we have developed, register for free.